Our Teachers    

Paul Bouley is the hardest-working pianist in the area, performing almost every day and night of the week. He has studied both formally (Berklee School of Music) and on his own (every day). Paul is an avid teacher as well, and his students obtain an early understanding of music theory in addition to their normal technique, method, and reading skills. See Paul with the Black Tie Band on any given weekend.

  Paul Bouley  
  Steve Caraccia 

Steve Caraccia started playing the piano at age six, and got a guitar when the Beatles came onto the scene.  He switched to bass guitar in order to get into a band, and has been playing it ever since, both upright bass and electric bass guitar.  In addition to being the owner of Main Street Music, he is also a teacher and student.

 Angie Cardarelli 

Angie Cardarelli studied piano performance at the University of Rhode Island, and began teaching at Main Street Music while still in school.  She teaches guitar and piano, and can be seen performing around the state as a singer / player – both alone, and with others.

 Ben Christie 

Ben Christie started teaching at Main Street Music when he was sixteen, and has been teaching ever since, through two years at Berklee, and eventually, with a degree in Music Composition at the University of Rhode Island.  In addition to performing as a soloist and ensemble player, Ben has quite a few original works under his belt.  His students get a thorough understanding of the art of composition, and many of them have written original music of their own.

Alex Godiksen teaches voice and piano, and is the lead singer in his own touring band, Atlas Gray.  His background includes singing in numerous musical productions, as well as coaching singers and fronting his original band.

 Alex Godiksen  
 Jon Hathaway 

Jon Hathaway started teaching guitar in East Greenwich over 30 years ago, and his legendary status as the “go to guy” for electric guitar is well deserved.  He can be seen performing with his Led Zeppelin tribute “Custard Pie” at venues all over New England, and his unique approach to teaching the guitar has been of great help to countless students in the area.

Dave Hughes studied music at CCRI, where he developed a strong identity as both a player and as a teacher.  He has played locally, in Rhode Island and Connecticut, and has taught guitar and bass at Main Street Music since he finished his education.

 Dave Hughes 

Paul Ionata has taught drums at Main Street Music since before it was Main Street Music.  He has taught students in the area for 25 years, and his impact on the level of skill and understanding of the drum kit is the stuff of legends.  You can hear him behind the kit with the Steve Anthony Band, which performs regularly and often in the area.

 Paul Ionata 

Matt McKay has played and taught guitar, drums, bass, mandolin, and ukulele since he was a young man, and he continues the effort as one of Main Street Music’s newest associates.  His knowledge of pop music is bolstered by his numerous jobs as a session and sit-in player with lots of bands in the area.

 Matt McKay 

Sal Sauco is a band leader, singer, teacher, and mandolin / guitar player of great talent. He has been teaching students for many years, and specializes in country, folk, and bluegrass music.  You can hear him with Greystone Rail, where his talents as singer, player, and storyteller are legendary.

 Sal Sauco