The First Note


All music education begins with the first note. That note can be the first step on a life long journey into world of music. Music is a pursuit that sharpens the mind and speaks to the soul. 

Teach In Harmony


Our instructors pay special attention not only to imparting technique, but to working on educational pieces that engage the student. This explains our superior record for student retention. Music should be fun!

The Future Sounds Good


We believe that we're training the musical performers and educators of the future. All of our instructors can fondly recall their earliest moments of instruction and they work diligently to pass down what they've learned. We are cultivating the future of music - and we take this responsibility seriously.

 Steve Caraccia 

Founder’s Notes 


People have been making musical noises since there were people.  We can bang on things, blow into things, pluck things, and yell. We can stand up and do it or we can sit down and do it.  You know it feels good to make music.

When I first opened the doors at Main Street Music, I had the notion that almost everyone has an innate desire to express themselves through music.  It was true for me, and for everyone in my family, as well as just about all my friends and acquaintances.  We may not all know exactly how to do it, but we’d all love to make sounds that people recognize as musical.


I still believe that people have this need – I feel more strongly that it’s true fifteen years into Main Street Music.  It’s more than a desire to be in the limelight; it starts somewhere in a person’s sense of accomplishment and personal growth.


With each new student, I’m looking forward to a time when they will perform something for me, so that I can be excited by their progress.  Come by and see what you can pick up.

We’d love to hear from you!

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